Monthly Archives: May 2012

Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels July 27-28th, 2012 Registration Opens Saturday, May 12th, 12pm To Register click GO RYDER! The Premise: There’s a villain on the loose somewhere out on the trails of Whistler! And Charlie’s got just the team to solve the…

2012 Sugar Showdown Announced

Sweetlines, the women-focused, woman-led, mountain bike coaching service today announced the Sugar Showdown, a freeride mountain bike event to be held at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah, Washington, on July 7-8, 2012. The first of its kind in the northwestern…

30 Days of Biking – The Finale

It’s amazing how fast the month goes by when you’re having fun! Here’s how I spent the last third of the month… Day 21 was a busy one and I didn’t get a chance to ride until just before bed… Day 22 was another quick ride through the Northeast Woods. Day 23 was a ride through Cumberland. This was taken on a trail called Mama Bears, which is a historical trail that was once used by miners. You can still see old rail ties in spots along the trail as well. Day 24 was a wet and rainy one so … Continue Reading »