My Mountain Bike Rides

Bearclaw Invitational Whip Off Contest

Google+ has this feature called “auto awesome” where it detects movement in photos taken in sequence and creates a gif. It mistook my photos of the final run of the whip off contest as being a set of photos with movement. This was the result.

Riders are Darren Berrecloth, Anthony Messere, Kyle Strait, and Andreu Lecondeguy.

Quick Fall Ride

I ended up being carless yesterday so my planned ride in Cumberland fell through. After a week of stormy weather I didn’t want to give up the chance to ride in the sunshine so I weighed my options. Do I go for a road ride, or do I ride my Safire to the nearest trail network? A quick internet poll confirmed what I was already thinking. 5 votes for trails, 0 votes for road. Decision made! By the time I was ready to go, it was 3pm. No time to waste if I wanted to ride in daylight… The closest … Continue Reading »

Foggy Ride

Yesterday I decided to go for a quick solo ride while most of my friends were at work. When I got to the parking lot there was one other vehicle so I knew it was going to be quiet on the trails. Funny how many people stop riding once the rain comes… I was feeling pretty lazy and on the climb up I was thinking about my different route options. With no one to push me it was pretty tempting to slack off, but I’ve just signed up for the 2013 BC Bike Race and I need to build up … Continue Reading »

Summer Road Trip 2012 – Last stop… New Denver!

I had never heard of New Denver before this trip so this was a completely new part of the province for me since my trips usually skirted around the entire Slocan Valley. Our first stop was the local bike shop, which was run out of a shed in Rob’s backyard. We wanted to get the beta for the local trails and possibly get a shuttle to the top of Idaho Peak. Rob’s bike shop was by far the coolest looking shop I had ever seen! Just check out the hanging flower pots! While we were discussing trail options with Rob … Continue Reading »

Summer Road Trip 2012 – Seven Summits Trail

Seven Summits is known as an IMBA Epic and has been on my bucket list for a while so I was pretty stoked to finally get a chance to ride it. After leaving Fernie, we made our way to Rossland and as we were driving the thunderheads were forming fast! By the time we hit Creston, the skies were dark and grey and we were seeing lightning in the distance. Things were looking up by the time we hit Rossland so we got our gear ready for the morning and had an early night. We needed to be up bright … Continue Reading »

Summer 2012 Road Trip – Fernie, BC

As we rolled into Fernie I could see by the clouds that a weather change was coming. The campground we wanted to stay at was full so we spent the first night in a motel. It was just before a long weekend so we knew we’d have to be quick to get back to the campground the next morning if we wanted to get a spot, especially since it was right at the bottom of a sweet trail network so it was the ideal location. The weather the next day was cloudy and cool. We set up camp and debated … Continue Reading »

Summer Road Trip 2012 – Golden!

We finally left Kamloops just after noon and made our way to Golden. On our last trip to Golden we spent our time checking out the cross country trails, this time we decided to spend our time on our downhill bikes. First up was Mount Seven. It was a long drive up an old logging road, luckily we had a friend drop us off at the top. Mount Seven is pretty legendary among mountain bikers in my area so I was really looking forward to riding it. Once we got to the top we were greeted by several hang gliders … Continue Reading »

Summer Road Trip 2012 – First Stop, Kamloops!

Every summer Colin and I do a mountain bike road trip somewhere and this year we decided to hit up the Kootenays in the southeast corner of British Columbia. We knew from a past trip that the riding here was pretty epic so this time we made sure we packed our cross country and downhill bikes! Then we were off to catch the ferry to the mainland to drive to Kamloops where we spent the first night of our trip. Just to get that far was 10 hours in the car, with a two hour ferry ride in there as … Continue Reading »