Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Importance of Rest Days

Sometimes the hardest part of training is resting. You’re feeling good, you’re energized, and you want to go for that ride, what harm can it do?

Specialized Rumor Expert – 29ers for Smaller Riders

The Rumor Expert is one of Specialized’s new 29er FSR mountain bikes for women and I was impressed by their attention to detail.

30 Days of Biking: Done and Dusted!

Okay, I’ll admit it… I missed a few days the second half of the month, but I had good reasons.

Riding in Santa Cruz, CA

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Santa Cruz, and by quick I mean we were literally there for just the weekend.

A Trip to the Specialized Museum

On a recent trip to California, we decided to stop in at Specialized HQ for a quick tour of the Specialized museum.