Monthly Archives: August 2013

Review: Rand Momentum Chain Lubricant

Rand Momentum is a new lubricant to the scene. It claims to be eco-friendly and act as a cleaning agent as well as a lubricator and protector against the elements. Does it pass the test?

Bearclaw Invitational Whip Off Contest

Google+ has this feature called “auto awesome” where it detects movement in photos taken in sequence and creates a gif. It mistook my photos of the final run of the whip off contest as being a set of photos with movement. This was the result.

Riders are Darren Berrecloth, Anthony Messere, Kyle Strait, and Andreu Lecondeguy.

2014 Specialized Rumor Expert – Long Term Review

After putting a good 700 km on the Specialized Rumor Expert on trails throughout the West Coast of BC, I thought it was time for an update to my original impression from May 2013.

The Staycation

I find my yearly vacations are centered around mountain bike trips, however this year we decided to do something completely different. We decided to stay home.