Snowden Demo Forest

October 5, 2009
By mtnbikinggirl
Lost Lake Trail

Lost Lake Trail

Ah, feels good to be back on my bike!  After we both spent the last week on the couch with colds, we finally got back out there and couldn’t have picked a better day!  Since we were both feeling good and well rested, we decided to go for a distance ride yesterday vs a technical ride.  Best place for that was the Snowden Demo Forest in Campbell River.

We knew our ride would be approx 3 hrs so we loaded up with plenty of snacks and water, and made arrangements to get a map from a friend of Colin’s who was trail building in the area that day.  There are several trails in the area and some of them are fairly long so I wouldn’t recommend riding in this area without the map.  Especially with new trails continually being added.

Our ride started off from the Triangle Parking Lot (soon to be renamed the Rectangle Parking Lot after some recent road work) and onto the Lost Lake trail.  The trail is fairly easy and meanders along the shores of Lost Lake.  They done some recent cleanup of the trails in this area which makes the ride much more enjoyable.  We then stopped off at the viewpoint, which is a bit of a hike-a-bike to get up to so we left our bikes near the bottom.  The viewpoint was the perfect place to sit in the sun, have a snack, and rest up before continuing on.

Lost Frog Trail

The next part of the ride took us on the Lost Frog trail. (At this point I was hoping “Lost” wasn’t going to be the theme of the day…)  Another nice easy trail with a couple of gulleys which are worth noting.  One goes over a bridge that will soon be replaced and up a very slippery slope on the other side which isn’t very rideable.  The other one is rideable but be sure to watch your line approaching the bridge to makeLost Lake Trail sure you don’t overshoot it and land in the creek below.  Not far past the second gulley, we turned right and continued up on the Lost Lake trail again to connect to Mudhoney’s Pass.  Mudhoney’s is a bit technical near the end with one last steep climb before taking you back down to Lost Lake and back to the parking lot.  Next time I think we’ll do the ride in reverse and start with Mudhoney’s Pass.  It would be a much better way to start the ride rather than end it.

After all was said and done, we did 13 km’s in just over 3 hrs at a very relaxed pace and it was the perfect way to spend a beautiful fall day.

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