Monthly Archives: February 2012

Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

I’ve managed to go for a few rides since my BG FIT last week and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed! I thought for sure the cleat position on my right foot (the injured side) would need tweaking but I haven’t had any issues at all. Well, aside from forgetting to unclip once, but that’s a whole other story… To get used to riding clipless again I’ve been sticking to some fairly easy trails in Comox called the Northeast Woods. They’re multi-use trails and popular with trail runners and dog walkers, as well as mountain bikers. The trails themselves … Continue Reading »


Last week I took my bike back into Simon’s Cycle for a BG FIT. BG FIT stands for “Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology” and it’s a rather comprehensive fit that takes into account your body’s biomechanics as well as the actual bike fit. I’ve had bike fits in the past, but they had always focused on me on the bike only so this was something new to me. The session started off with Simon asking me questions about past injuries and goals. I was pretty sure Simon’s pen was going to run out of ink before we finished discussing my … Continue Reading »

First Date

After picking up my bike last week, I was itching to ride! I finally got the chance a couple of days later and chose a nice, mellow trail called “Moe’s Misery”. It’s just a quick in and out trail, perfect for days when you want to go for a quick ride. I was also getting over a nasty bug so I didn’t want anything too strenuous since I had a bigger ride planned for the weekend. The beginning of the ride I had the trail to myself which was perfect for getting a feel for the bike, although it felt … Continue Reading »