Have you seen Cumberland’s Thirsty Beaver?

by Currently Cumberland on Wednesday, 20 October 2010 at 11:43.

What is wrong with people? This morning Carl Tessmann, Cumberlander and one of many who regularly is out running and/or biking in the trails, shared that the amazing carving of a beaver at the end of the upper Thirsty Beaver trail was cut down and stolen.

Does anyone know anything about this? Does your neighbor or friend have it in their yard? What is wrong with people? This trail system was lovingly and very skillfully built over the past year and has over a hundred feet of boardwalk to protect the swamp/marshland that it crosses over. The trail itself is spectacular and one of the reasons why Cumberland is so well regarded for pristine single track mountain biking.The beaver carving is a fun-loving celebration of the craftsmanship that went into the building of the trail.

This latest act of senseless vandalism follows this summer’s arson of the Cumberland Community Schools Garden Shed and composters up at the Elementary school. And then recently the newly replaced composters were vandalized again and the fruit trees had limbs torn off. And even more insane, some punks were caught by the janitor at the school drinking beer and breaking bottles and peeing on door handles.

Please, if you know anything about the missing beaver’s whereabouts speak up about it. We are not “lawless” in Dodge. We are a proud little Village with a lot of heart. Let’s fix this.

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  1. We talked to Al the other night, he’s one of the trail builders, and whoever took “Stanley” was good with a chainsaw. They left a carved crossed in the stump that they left behind.

    To the people who stole him, so not cool guys. You’ve managed to anger lots of people out there, not just mountain bikers. I hope Karma comes back to haunt you.

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