Cabin Fever Night Rides

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I apologize for the lack of posts.  Luckily I’ve still been able to get out on a few rides on my bike!

Most recently we marked my favourite trail, Cabin Fever, for night riding.  There were a few spots where it was easy to get off the trail that caught us if we weren’t paying attention so if we were having problems, we knew others definitely were!  (Although right now we don’t know if anyone else is doing it as a night ride…)  Luckily Dodge City Cycles donated some reflectors for us to use so we loaded up with reflectors and nails and set out.

I'm so glad we put that log in last year!

It was a cold and wet night! I was so happy I brought an extra fleece… So after I was bundled up like the Michelin man we set off on the trail.  It was also a chance to check the drainage work from the weekend before since it had been raining hard all week.  A few minutes into the trail, I was also happy I wore my hiking boots!  While the water was staying off the trail for the most part, there was just too much of it to keep the water completely diverted.  The creek was so high it was almost level with the trail, we had never seen it like that before.

The last of the reflectors...

Once we turned down onto the trail towards Cabin Fever and Gecko the conditions got much better.  We worked as a team, Colin would hold a reflector in a spot and I would backtrack to see how visible it was from a rider’s perspective.  We made our way down the trail, marking key areas where the trail could get confusing at night.  Until we got to the cabin…  That’s when we ran out of reflectors.  Luckily from there the trail is pretty straight forward but we’ll go back later on this week (hopefully) and finish it off.  We’re hoping to mark Gecko and Green Dome as well.  This time we managed to score big box of old reflectors from Black’s Cycle that they had in storage so we should be set.

I’m looking forward to getting some more night rides in this winter. Hopefully it’s just below the snow line…

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