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19 May 2010 by mtnbikinggirl, No Comments »

This past month has been awesome for some rare sights on the trails. Below are photos of the cool things I’ve seen over the past month.

We’ve known for a while now that there are cougars in the area we ride on Forbidden Plateau, this is just the first time I’d seen tracks myself.

Cougar Tracks on Cabin Fever

Then less than a week later, I came across more markings and tracks… These ones shocked us since they were close to town, less than a 10 minute ride away.

Cougar markings on Railroad

Then a little further down the trail we saw more tracks. We must have just missed the cougar when we were on Railroad, the markings were pretty fresh and these tracks led towards the trail. If you look closely you’ll see my glove is between two prints.

Tracks on road between Railroad and Upper Crafty Butcher

After I took the photos of the tracks, a friend of mine saw 3 cougars on Forbidden Plateau while on a group ride. They were on a trail called Cliffe Ave, which isn’t far from Cabin Fever. So just a reminder to be aware and ride with care! Oh and make lots of noise too because there just might be…

…a bear on the way to the trailhead! We spotted this guy on Mt Washington when we were on our way to ride Kahona Cruncher. He was more interested in whatever he was eating to pay much attention to us.

Black Bear at trailhead on Mt Washington

I was thinking the bear was pretty cool until we came across a beaver dam on the road leading to Kahona Cruncher… If you look under the water you’ll see the culvert that would normally drain the road.

Beaver Dam on Mt Washington (Kahona Cruncher)

Beaver chew marks

We went back a few days later to see if we could spot the beavers themselves only to discover this dam had been abandoned and the road was almost completely dry. A new dam had been built further downstream.

I wonder what I’ll see next?

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