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Posted by on Nov 4, 2010 in Other Things Bike Related, Stolen Bikes | 3 comments

Stolen MTB in Courtenay!

This is my friend Pascale’s bike that was stolen last night. She’s devastated! She’s a single mom and can’t afford to replace it so I’m hoping it turns up. Unfortunately it sounds like she was targeted.

It was stolen near Home Depot on Ryan Road in Courtenay the evening of November 3rd from her garage. It has red tape on the seat stem, but I would imagine they’ve taken that off by now.

The bike is a 2008 Trek Fuel EX 8:

Black Silver and red
XTR component group
XTR wheels

Cash reward is being offered for the return or information leading to the return of this bike. If you see it, please email

For a better view of the bike, please click on the photo below:


  1. It sickens me that people will go around stealing from others.

    A club mate of mine had his bike stolen too after a targeted attack too - he took his road bike into a petrol station shop with him while he got a drink and it still got stolen. He’s devastated about it.

    I hope Pascale gets her bike back

  2. Sickens me too and it happens a lot. This is the third friend that has had their bike stolen, only one got his back.

    We’re hoping by spreading the word someone might see it out on the trails. I hope she gets her bike back too!

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