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Posted by on Sep 23, 2009 in British Columbia, My Mountain Bike Rides, Vancouver Island | 0 comments

Cabin Fever…

No, I’m definitely not suffering from it, that’s the name of my new favourite trail!  I was first introduced to Cabin Fever by Colin last fall but only got to ride it once before I left to spend a long, cold Winter in Regina, SK.  We’ve ridden it a couple of times in the past month and each time I swear the trail becomes a lot more fun.

You can get to the trail several ways, you can link to it from other trails (which are currently closed due to logging activity so I won’t go there), you can ride up a logging road for a few km’s, or you can shuttle it.  We usually shuttle it.  The logging road is long, well travelled, and dusty.

The connector to the trail starts right off the logging road after a series of switchbacks in the road.  A short ride in takes you to a fork in the trail where you decide between riding Gecko (another fun trail) and Cabin Fever.  The trails are well marked.  From here you continue on down some great single track.  It is a bit rooty in spots, but fairly typical of this area.  After a rocky bit, keep your eyes peeled for a sign on the left, approximately 50m down the trail.  It’s the XC version of the trail.  If you keep on the right, you’ll end up on a bit of a DH section.  The XC version looks overgrown, but is actually new and with a few more riders it will become more visible.  The trails merge again at the bottom and continues on to a cabin in the woods.  You can make a left hand turn on the trail before the bridge and continue on Dirty Jane, or keep going over the bridge to check out the cabin. Judging by the old saw pieces found around the cabin, we suspect it was originally used to sharpen the saws of the original loggers in this area.  The trail then continues to the left of the cabin.

Last night we decided to take Dirty Jane for a change which then linked up with a new trail, Black Dog.  Black Dog is a fun little trail.  It takes you down a rocky outcropping and links up above the Plunge, or you can take the logging road down to Transmission or KMA.  We continued on down the Plunge and linked up to Bears Bait to get back the parking lot.



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